The Isles of Blood

Adventure Log
The chronicles of "The Isles of Blood"


For whatever reason, and for whatever purpose you have come to the Golden Isles seeking your fortune. For many years adventurers have to come to the Isles seeking their destiny and today your own search has brought you to the coast of Argenbul, where an entrepeneur promising an expedition full of glory and riches has called you. To be clear, he never called on you personally, but sent out word to any who could pay their way in, to take a share of the riches.

You have saved up enough silver pieces yourself to buy your way in, but you are not alone. Many others have joined this expedition. Some in the role of guardsman, others as explorers and cartographers. Others as cooks, workers and even entertainment. For whatever reason this entrepeneur by the name of Sohrab has seen value in your skill and seems very excited to have you aboard. “We are going to Interditum, the land of the most savage ogres. Many others have tried to brave this place, but we have found an opening. We will go through the perpetual storms to the North-West and avoid the natives as best we can. We have the best people on this, the best equipment, and the most ambition! We cannot fail, and wealth and fortune await us! Perhaps when this is over I could even rival Bergama Mus himself!”

You have spent a few days at sea, and tomorrow you will reach the storm. You have an evening to enjoy the calm and mentally prepare for the conflicts to come. How will you spend it?


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