Largely considered the true reason Sargon does not simply take The Golden Isles, Argenbul is the technology leader in not only the isles but in the world. The Argen are a people who originally hailed from the land of Sanparta which like the others was taken over by Sargon. At that time, Sanparta had the most gifted and advanced scientists in the world but did not focus their efforts on weapons. When the Sargonians came, the scholars of Sanparta ran various mathematical simulations of a military struggle. When it was clear that at best the people of Sanparta would have at best a 7% chance at victory they immediately negotiated surrender.

For several years after the “Sanpartan Treaty” the people carried a stigma being branded cowards and traitors. Because of this, the people retreated further and further into the heart of Sargon. This all changed when a Sanpartan scientist by the name of Hakkah developed gun powder. Hakkah introduced the volitile substance in a secret meeting with other Sanpartan rebels and they quickly began to weaponize it. After the tests were done the scientists and mathematicians got together and ran more simulations.

The blunderbuss was the first true finished weapon the Sanpartans developed, and with the aid of Membi spies were able to devise a plan to leave the empire. When the moment was right, a small force of rebels armed with these blunderbusses blasted their way out of the city. The guardsmen having never seen or heard of these weapons before fled in fear and disarray. Hakkah was killed in the struggle along with a few others, but the majority of the rebels fleed successfully. Strangely, the Sargonians never recovered any of the Bluderbusses which were used by the slain.

The rebel leader named Al’Khazim learned the secrets of gunpowder however and produced more guns. Eventually he and some of his men were able to produce a simple long-range rifle which would usually break down after the first use. They used these rifles to help their people in other lands flee as well. After Al’Khazim learned of Martigues, he gathered his people and decided to leave instead of continuing a rebellion which continued to produce fatalities on their side.

At the docks, the Sargonians were waiting for the people of Al’Khazim. During the struggle, the rifles and blunderbusses gave the rebels the edge they needed to win the day and begin their exodus. During the fight however, Al’Khazim died leaving his second Surabim in charge. Surabim contracted a deadly fever during the voyage and passed away leaving his son, Jerobi in change. Jerobi was killed in a gunpowder accident just days before arriving in Martigues.

The new leader was a woman Agenia who was the last of Al’Khazim’s lieutenants. Argenia traded some of their guns to the Ogre chieftan who lived in the land they desired in exchange for it. The ogres left happily but quickly broke the weapons and couldn’t reproduce them. During the construction of the newly named Argenbul, the Ogres attempted to re-take the land they had sold but were quickly dispatched by the newer more reliable rifles being forged by the settlers.

The rifles and other gunpowder weapons were of course able to sell very well and Argenia became very rich and influencial and the people voted for the land to be named after her. Eventually Argenia married, and sold her business to a rival who developed the first muskets. Orson de Garou approached this new mogul by the name of Mus and conviced him to join his Meritocracy, thus making lord Bergama Mus the first merchant prince of Argenbul.

The Argeni as they are called all an intelligent industrious people who are very curious about their world even to the point of their own physical danger. Since their settlement, they have built more advanced types of arms and even built the ships of The Golden Isles. Their technology was so advanced infact that they even began to sell their earliest designs to the empire at incredibly inflated costs. Most Argeni are either scientists, sailors, or gunsmiths in current times, and they also see the most venturing beyond the isles.

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