Character Creation

Welcome to the character creation page! this page will help you get started on building a character concept and getting it ready to be entered into the “characters” page.

To begin, I very much suggest that you take a look at the rest of this wiki, as it will provide you with background for this campaign setting. To increase party cohesiveness and maintain consistency with the lore, it would be a very good thing for your characters to somehow fit in the universe. You do not have to be from any of the islands described in the wiki, but please ensure that your character comes from somewhere in the same world of events.

Ok now for stats. There are no visible stats for the players. I will have some numbers on my character sheets, but what I want you to think about is describing your character. So instead of filling out some math, write for me a brief yet detailed character backstory. Include in that story some descriptions of your character’s strengths and weaknesses. Write about what feats they have accomplished and what has kept them from mastering their world entirely. This will also give me information on their ethnicity, gender, relative attractiveness, and so on. To get you started, you can think of a character who would be appropriate for a dungeons and dragons game. The main difference is that in this world technology is a little more advanced, so there are some simple early firearms you can choose from. Please also include what kind of spell caster your character might be or what weapons and armor they use, and what skill set they have access to. I will translate what you write about your character into a character sheet I have designed.

Secondly, each character will have 6 different combat abilities. these abilities will determine how combat is fought and the strategies each character uses when the numbers really count. Think of powers like spells, fighting techniques, or special tools which help define what your character is capable of. Here is a description of the different abilities.

Passive: Your passive is something that effects your character without activiation. Perhaps your character deals more damage when they are low in health. Maybe all of your spells produce a slowing effect, perhaps your arrows are poisoned. The passive is generally somewhat minor in effectiveness but should compliment your overall kit. Try and create a passive which works in someway with your other powers.

Main Powers: You have 4 main powers which provide special options in combat. be specific on how you want these to work. These powers should represent those special moves which your character uses in combat situations. Your powers will also illustrate what your character is generally capable of both in and out of combat.

Some examples could include a fireball spell which produces a damage over time effect. Perhaps your character uses their axe to actually hook opponents and hold them in place. Maybe your roguish character can vanish in smoke and reappear behind opponents.

Some advice for creating powers. Try to either make your powers situational if you want to rely on more basic attacks, or use them all as a way to combo into each other. For instance you might have a power which helps you deal with a group of enemies and another which helps you take on a larger single target. Or if you want to go the more combo route, maybe one power produces a bleed, maybe another hits harder against bleeding opponents, and maybe another deals extra damage the lower health the opponent has.

Be creative in designing your powers and don’t forget your passive!

Rush Limit:Every time you deal or take damage you gain rush points. When you hit your rush limit you gain access to a special power. This is where you get to make something really over powered happen. If you are a mage perhaps you summon a massive blizzard which slows and damages enemies while perhaps freezing some solid. If you are more of a warrior you gain a massive buff to health and damage. There are unlimited possibilities for what your powers could look like and the rush limit is the most powerful of them all.

Write to me how you would like your combat abilities to work. I will once again translate them into game terms I can understand. I will provide you with my write-up of your powers for approval. Once you have decided that the power reflects what you want, we will move forward.

You also gain primary and secondary training. Your training reflects your character’s overall skill set (basically this replaces a skill list in other systems). Your primary training is like your major. What is your character’s profession? What do they do to get through life? Whenever a situation arises which would require a skill roll, we look at your training and determine if its applicable. For instance, if your character is a wilderness hunter, they will likely be able to follow tracks, forage for food, build shelters, make pelts, and navigate a forest, but they probably cant pick locks, mix drinks, or smith a blunderbuss. Your secondary training is like your minor. This could be a hobby, what you did as a child, what you were taught before becoming an adventurer, or an old job. The bonus for secondary training is of course lower than primary.

Finally, Include for me a description of your overall tactics for how you will be using your powers. Think of tactics as a set of “if > then” statements for your character. In other words you might say you use your 1st power whenever you are surrounded by enemies. You use your second power who you are facing a large boss. Perhaps you only use your rush limit when an enemy is below 50% health. I don’t have an exact guide on how to complete this, but I will ask you for specific scenarios when they come up.

So in short please send me an email with the following information filled out for your character:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Primary Training
  • Secondary Training
  • Equipment
  • Passive
  • 1st Power
  • 2nd Power
  • 3rd Power
  • 4th Power
  • Rush Limit
  • Back story
  • Tactics

Character Creation

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