Named by the Martigians (meaning the forbidden place), the fractal islands a few kilometers away from The Golden Isles make up the capital and highest population of the Ogres. After The Golden Isles were established the ogres had lost their home and returned to the place of their ancestors. Some say that most Ogres still lived there and some say that all the ogres had left that place because of a wicked curse. The truth isn’t known, but what is known is that Interditum is where the Ogres fled to.

Travelers only return with off shore glimpses of the fractals and there are little to no accounts in the central islands. The few accounts that do exist descirbe the Ogres as being very hostile to outsiders and living in a very primitive society. Many travelers to Interditum do not return to add any record at all.

Interditum is a collection of fractal islands surrounding a dormant volcano. The islands are described as tropical and lush. It is theorized that the fractals are rife with natural resources and some rumor that it is rich in gems and gold guarded by the inhabitants. It is also said that getting to Interditum is extremely dangerous as well citing wild tempests. Several entrepreneurs have organized adventuring groups to take on Interditum but so far with little to no success.

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