Membibwe, the smallest of The Golden Isles was founded during the time of Anton Martigues while his business began to suffer. Looking for someone to trade with more locally and not wanting to face more Ogres than they already were, Anton sent out word to the various lands in the Empire than there was land available free from the empire. The people of Hanubabeke were some of the first answer the call.

Hanubabeke was the first to resist the Empire’s global campaign, and the first resistance to fall. The dark-skinned people called the Hanu, did not have access to advanced weapons but were fierce warriors. At first, the Sargonians underestimated them and sent only a meager force to deal with the resistance. The Sargonian officers of that first task force were found in the front of the city with their heads resting on pikes.

It was the Hanu who had truly underestimated their opponent however, as shortly after the Sargonians realised what had happened they sent a perhaps excessive force to deal with the problem. By the time the Hanu had fought off the first wave their defenses were already devastated, and on the second wave the capital had been completely cleansed. Every single Hanu had been put to death except for the leaders who were captured and then publicly executed. Nearly all of the rest of the Hanu lands then submitted to the empire.

One tribe, named the Membi never submitted to the empire, but instead of open rebellion they gathered in secret. Over time, the Membi became less of a tribe and became more of an underground movement. Shopkeepers, farmers, soldiers, workers, and even some more wealthy Hanu were secretly Membi, and they met from time to time planning their escape from the Empire.

As these Membi became more and more integrated into the economic infrastructure of the empire, their plans began to take fruit. Finally, the Membi orchestrated the economic collapse of one of the Sargonians cities called Rashakiin. Rashakiin had been a central hub in the southern part of the empire and the Membi embezzled, extorted, and bet against the common citizenry until not a penny was left that wasn’t in their pockets. Because of how well this was all put into motion the collapse was unseen and happened all at once. Additionally, the Membi merchants and traders fled the city that night, leaving the newly impoverished rabble with the nervous imperial guardsmen.

In the following weeks several other cities suffered economic collapses of a similar nature and the Membi fled those lands as well. By the time Sargonian intelligence figured out what had happened, the Membi had gathered together and left for the Ogre Islands. the Sargonians even sent a ship after them, but the clever Membi had predicted this as well. Many of the crew were secretly Membi as well and took the ship, sent the captain overboard and sailed to their freedom.

Eventually Sargonia gave up pursuit due to the heavy economic losses they had suffered. The empire wasn’t satisfied however, and in response they cleansed the empire of the remaining Hanu for fear they were secretly Membi. In a brutal and horrific campaign, the empire gathered up every living Hanu they could find and put them to death. This event would later be called “The Ashen War” by the nobility. A Derogatory term referring to the Hanu’s skin as well as calling it a war even though it was clearly a series of massacres. Later, the Membi would learn of the racial cleansing that took place and vow revenge on the empire. Of all the people of the Golden Isles, so one hates Sargonia like the Membi.

At the time of their arrival on the Ogre Islands, the Membi were directed by a secretive Oligarchy of spies and conspirators. Their transition was rough as the plan only went as far as leaving the empire, but their knowledge of currencies and precious metals carried them through into survival. The Membi eventually took their secretive name as more of a name for their people, and leaders began to rise up among them based upon their economic success.

After Orson de Garou became a merchant prince, one Membi gem dealer rose in wealth to become the first Membi merchant prince who rules to this day. His name is Dikembe Hana, a charming but ruthless businessman who zealously aids in the efforts of The Golden Isles because of his hatred for Sargon. It was Dikembe’s father who eventually convinced Martigues to support a new currency for the Isles themselves, and it is because of the Membi, The Golden Isles have a strong economy based on the precious metals mined from the land.

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