Welcome to The Tyrant Volume I: The Isles of Blood

This wiki will help you familiarize yourself with the campaign setting and create a character that fits in the world. Follow the tabs and links to find the information you are looking for. On this page I will provide you with a brief introduction to the campaign setting. Please visit Character Creation once you are ready to begin making your character.


The campaign takes place in a collection of free island city states known as The Golden Isles. The isles are home to several cultures who have escaped the tyranny of the Sargonian Empire to create their own fortunes. On these islands, the people are constantly working and exploring to make their fortune and secure their independence. Expeditions are regularly organized to explore new lands and trade on the high seas. The world is placed in a setting somewhere in the transition between the medieval and renaissance eras of these cultures. Commerce and trade is power in this world, and people are valued for their success, despite the great empire which looms in the distance and all its tyranny.

In the beginning of this campaign, your characters have chosen to join an expedition to the island of Interditum. Why your character has chosen to do this is up to you, but for the sake of kicking off the story with everyone together, this is what your character is doing. The leader of the expedition has promised you great riches for protecting him and his group of explorers and sailors and from what you have heard Interditum is rife with both riches and dangers.

Again, please explore the wiki to get the know the world on a more detailed basis.

The Isles of Blood

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